• Islam Changed People

    Islamic education and civilization

    If the purpose of education and civilization is to engender a sense of pride, dignity, and honor in individuals so that they improve their state and consequently ...

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  • Islam as a Religion of Universal Mercy

    His love and compassion for creatures

    Since we can deserve this life only by pleasing God, He sent Prophets and revealed Scriptures out of His Compassion for humanity.

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  • A Brief Overview of Islam

    Islam means peace

    The word "Islam" literally stems from the root "s-l-m" and the words "silm" and "salamah" which mean peace.

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  • Islamic view of creation

    The hierarchy of creation

    The hierarchy of creation unfolds itself in countless spheres of intellectual and angelic beings.

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  • Religious Education of the Child

    The Significance of Reading

    In short, knowledge in which we do not find anything that relates to ourselves or to someone else is, obviously, of no use to anyone.

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Third Indication

Written by Dislam.org. Posted in The 10th Word (Four Indications)

Third indication: Is our rank too lowly and our being too trivial for this immense creation to be replaced only so we can be brought to account? No, for our slightness is only apparent. Our comprehensive nature makes us the master of all creatures and endows us with the capacity to herald God’s Dominion and offer Him universal worship. Given this, we are the most important being in creation.

If someone asks how such a transient being can deserve eternal punishment, consider the following: Unbelief strives to make creation, which is as invaluable and exalted as a letter written by God, meaningless and pointless. It rejects the manifestations, imprints, and inscriptions of His Holy Names, which are evident in all that is. It also seeks to deny the infinite proofs showing the truth of God. In short, unbelief insults existence and thus is a crime of infinite proportions deserving infinite punishment.